Thursday, February 21, 2008

So a few weeks ago, a member of my wife's ward asked her where I had been and why he hasn't seen me at church. My wife simply said "He doesn't feel like coming to church anymore". I was very proud of her for not making up an answer like I was working or traveling a lot, or perhaps sick, which would have all been an easier answer that required no follow up questions. This member told my wife that he wanted to talk to me. One day he came over to our house and came in my office (I work from home). He, very straight forward, asked me why I wasn't coming to church, to which I responded I wasn't really sure whether this is something he wanted to get into. He said it indeed was, and so I told him that I did not believe anymore and didn't feel like going. His response to me was interesting, not like most members I have told of my loss of faith. He said that he too didn't believe in the church and that there were several other members in the ward that were in the same boat. He then encouraged me to continue going to church for my kids, to which I responded by saying that I feel more honest telling my kids what I really believe then pretending to be a believer only for them to find out later that I don't believe. We parted ways on good terms, but it was interesting to hear from another member who didn't believe and to learn that I am not alone, even in my own ward.

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