Monday, January 08, 2007


I wanted to give an update as to how I feel now that it has been a few months since I left the church. Believe it or not I was somewhat hoping that after leaving the church and deciding not to believe in it or religion in general anymore that things would go bad for me, that I would feel some void that would act as a testimony to go back to believing. But this has not happened. I actually feel at peace, more so than I ever did as a believer. I'm sure that this is not the same experience everybody has, as each person's journey is different. But it feels good, it feels honest.


A few months ago I was sitting in a Sunday School class, I don't recall what the lesson was but the teacher made a comment that perked my ears up. He asked the class what guilt was. One person (who happened to be his wife leading me to think that this may or may have not been a prearranged answer) said that guilt was the Holy Ghost telling you that something wasn't right. I thought to myself that I was pretty familiar with what the fruits of the spirit were and have never heard that guilt was one of them. This answer went by with no comment, as if everybody agreed that Holy Ghost makes you feel guilty. I raised my hand and asked a question, namely that isn't the Holy Ghost suppose to be a comforter, telling you what things are good. I gave the example that an Amish person can be raised all their life thinking modern technologies are wrong, and then one day might drive a car and feel guilty, that cannot possibly be the Holy Ghost telling them that driving a car is bad could it? There are numerous examples where people might feel guilty for things that, according to Christian or Mormon theology have no eternal consequence, why would the Holy Ghost people that these things are bad. The Holy Ghost has been one of the most difficult things for me to understand but I find the belief that the Holy Ghost speaks to us through guilt as absurd and silly.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

I will be posting again shortly, after I recover from the holidays and end of year work stuff.

Best wishes in 2007.

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